Is your project eligible? 

The project will be eligible for funding from the Lords Group Foundation if you are able to answer “Yes” to all the following questions in the form below.  

Please tick as appropriate. 

If the answer to one of these questions is “No” but you still wish to apply, please offer further detail in the ‘additional information’ area of the application form. 

Tips for completing the form: 

  • Focus on the benefits gained from the grants not just what your project would achieve. What will improve? What will be learnt and how will this help? Who will benefit? 
  • Refer to the Foundation aims as much as possible – this will help to make it easier for the assessors to understand. 
  • Basic facts and figures are helpful. e.g. How big is your group? 

    Application forms must: 

  • be completed in full 
  • be legible 
  • include full contact details of the applicant (we may need to contact you for more information) 

Good luck! 

Grant Application Form

Please highlight the objectives of your project, a justification as to why your posed objective is needed and information on how the grant will be used.

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Does the project benefit a group or the wider community, rather than a sole individual?
Does your organisation or project have a dedicated bank account?